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    Gah, a few questions!

    I have 5 Silkies and/or bantams in a tractor right now, 2 of them are laying, one of the Silkies is definitely a roo. One has been laying for a couple of weeks, one started laying this week. I'm not sure exactly how old they are, but I'm guessing about 5-6 months?

    I have 7 two-month olds in the brooder, I'm not sure of their breeds, could be EEs, olive-eggers, or ??? frizzles. Standards, not bantams.

    I have ~40 new babies, Buff Orps and EEs, coming from Ideal next week.

    AND....I have a new coop! It's about 25' by 25', I have not divided it (yet?). We plan to move chickens in tomorrow, just have a couple things left for it to be ready for them.

    I read the quarantine page here: Adding New Chickens to Your Flock

    My questions:

    I would LOVE to blend everyone together, but if my Silkies are going to get beat up, I can either leave them in the tractor, or section off part of the big coop for them. Hubby thinks I should put them in the big coop and sell the tractor. If I were to blend the Silkies and the 2-months old now, what are the chances they would all get along in the long-run?

    According to the quarantine page "I've seen so many people who have bought new birds, and because they seem healthy, immediately throw them in with their flock. You MUST quarantine newly purchased birds unless you have bought chicks from a hatchery. " Does that mean I could brood the new chicks from Ideal in with my other guys???? (I do plan to have them separated, but I know there are airborne diseases, is that going to be a concern for the newbies?)

    I plan to use a hover brooder for the newbies, how long should I keep them separate from the other chickens? (I'm going to fence off a section of the big coop for them *if* it is OK to go ahead and put them all in the same airspace now) I see some people saying to put the babies in with the others at 5-8 weeks, and others saying 3-4 months, and still others saying when they are the same size as the existing flock, aack!

    Any advice?

    ***ETA, at least one of my 2-month olds is a roo, if that matters on integrating them with the Silkies.
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    I put my 2 month large breeds with my silkies no problem. With a coop that size I would fence off an area for a brooder and put them in the coop. integration should go pretty smothly when the time comes.

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