Moving young quail outside WITH heat lamp


8 Years
Apr 25, 2011
New Hampshire

I have 5, 2 week old jumbo Cortunix in the brooder, and would like to move them outside into their pen,one, because honestly, its just exciting!! AND... so they have more room to run around. Is it okay to move them outside at this age, as long as they have constant access to a heat lamp? Temps will be in the 70's, night time 50's for the next week. There is no reason these guys can't stay in the house in the brooder for another 11 days (then next batch is moving in), so if it will not benefit them to be outside, I'll keep them in for now.

Thank you!

Thank you!
They are outside and loving the space. We had built the pen 4x12, in the hopes of having a great hatch (72 eggs). That didn't happen so now these four little ones have the whole pen to themselves and are exploring every inch of it.

Thanks again.
I hade 4 quail in a 5'x7' (?) converted dog kennel for over a year. I just added 3 more and I have 6 babies in a brooder. I hope my original quad don't mind sharing

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