MPC Blue Birchen Marans Hatching Eggs....

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  1. FreedomFarm13

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    Mar 20, 2015
    Hi there! I've been looking everywhere for some birchen or blue birchen marans, and just came across some hatching eggs from MPC a couple days ago. I was wondering if anyone happens to know who/where they got these birds from and whether they are of a decent quality or not. I have not seen any other hatchery that carries them, so I'm assuming they haven't had them long and that if they come from a decent line of birchens they wouldn't have been messed with too much by the hatchery. Does anyone know where these come from? I'd really appreciate any info anyone has on them! I know MPC gets most of its birds from Meyer, but Meyer doesn't have birchen Marans, so where'd they get them? Here's the link:
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    Jul 16, 2015
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    @MyPetChicken sometimes posts on this site, maybe Alex will pop in an answer your question. I believe all hatching eggs are sourced differently than chicks are.
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    I've been curious about this as well, but my gut is telling me to be patient and seek out a breeder instead.

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