Mr. Clucky in trouble - on Fox & Friends today


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Jan 17, 2007
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A friend called this morning and told me to turn to Fox & Friends on TV because a rooster story was going to be on.

I gathered from the story that a man in Florida who adopted a roo 2 1/2 years ago and who takes this friendly roo everywhere with him (it even rides on his bicycle) is being told to get rid of his feathered friend because of one complaint that has been registered (he is going to fight this). This man goes to the trouble of keeping his roo in an essentially sound proof area till at least 7 a.m.. He said that after that Mr. Clucky only infrequently crows during daylight (and added that people's dogs and radios make more noise). The complaint, however, apparently was not focused on noise. I do not know what the rules are in his area, only that Mr. Clucky is clearly a pet (which as we know may make not an ounce of difference).

The news commentator was something of a problem because he twice said that if a roo crowed early in the morning he would complain and/or call the cops (I'd have to hear the segment again to get the wording right). He also said they are farm animals and basically inferred they don't belong anywhere else. Mr. Clucky's person said something to the effect of 'farm animals deserve no less of a quality of life than any other being'.

Unfortunately the segment seemed biased against the man and his roo buddy. (I guess maybe one can't expect the Fox to align with the Chicken!
). This is probably because most people don't really understand how interesting, fun, and feeling our feathered friends can be.

I tried to find an on line clip at
provide here but didn't find it at their website. Did a search under "rooster" in the search space in the upper left and while some important news stories come up, this was not one of them.

One can write to the news program at [email protected] to weigh in if desired ("give roos a chance" plays in my head as a take off of "give peace a chance"!). Given the tenor of the news piece, commentary that reads as educated and wise (rather than angry, even if we are) would likely be best received.

I saw the segment. I thought it was nice that they gave the guy/rooster time on the show, but I thought it was rather rude of the commentator (Steve, who I usually like) to make comments on how the guy was dressed and to question IF he had a shirt on.
I guess it's another city v. country type argument. Getting air time on a cable news show will help Mr. Clucky's cause for sure.

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Hopefully the air time will indeed serve to help the guy and his roo
. I was glad they aired it (sooooo refreshing to see anything on air that isn't Hollywood trivia!), though wish of course that it had played out a little differently. (I didn't like that the guy said he could turn his roo upside down - I wanted to add an on screen warning "Do not try this at home!")
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Yeah I heard that part too. And even Steve said "please don't turn him upside down (at least not on camera) LOL

Poor guy, he seems to genuinely care for Mr.Clucky and I wish him the best.
I have a feeling the guy isn't quite all there in the head though... or maybe he was just REALLY nervous?
Yeah, I saw it. It was kinda funny. Laws are laws though. I wish him luck and I hope he can get things changed so that there can be chickens in his area.

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