Mr. Donald thinks I'm his mate?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by lbunkie, Dec 10, 2015.

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    Mar 21, 2013
    Calvin OK
    Help!! This boy gets REAL AGGRESSIVE towards me. He's starting to trip me, which isn't good-disabled. I'll try to put clean water in and he jumps at the chance to latch onto my wrist or hair. He'll try to latch on my boots. He'll leave bruises on my arms, lil butt hurts. I try to talk and play with Daisy and he won't let me near her.
    If Donald gets close enough, I'll pick him up and pet him and that works for awhile but now he chases me to my car or to the front porch before I can block him out, he'll try to grab my fingers.
    Sometimes, we play but he's getting out of hand.
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    Okay first don't run every time he starts put his bill down toward the ground and say no and keep him there for a while till u get ur point across

    Also I dont think he's really trying to hurt u, he like u said prob thinks that ur another female duck since u raised him and so he sees u as a female, some of my males do that to, I just let them know young that no, u can't do that. So he's not being mean, and I think u do know that :D as in ur title u say he wants to be ur mate. He just doesn't know to to express affection towards u because of all his hormones
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    @lbunkie Next time you go out to care for your ducks take along the broom and if your drake comes at you put the broom between you and him, and keep doing it if he persists, You can even use the broom to literally sweep him away from you. you are trying to get a point across you are not going to put up with his behavior. My drake would even leap through the air and land on my back I would lay him out on his belly and not let him up till he stopped fighting similar to what another drake would do to show dominance. Yes hormones are rampant but they need to learn we do not appreciate their advances nor will we tolerate them, My drake is now going on 5 yrs old and a very sweet boy, only every once in a while do I have to remind him I am not one of his girls, I am his leader.

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