Mr. Farley has odd feathering. Can you take a look?


10 Years
Apr 3, 2009
Madison County, Alabama
What is this pattern called? It is very unique. It looks like a couple of different patterns, solids, etc. He is 6 weeks old. Any help you can give is appreciated.

ETA: And check out those army green legs!


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I have an EE rooster that was colored very similar to yours at that age. he ended up turning red with a black tail.
he is EE colored.. Like all mutts, They throw many different colors, Some of which are just mixes of the two, three, or four colors in his genetics.. i would say a Duckwing pattern (Maybe a wheaten or BB red) And a dark color were used to create that... looks like some "yard hatches" (Chicks hatched off the yard with unkown parents (usually) and raised by hens..) I had in american gamefowl which came out of a brownred and a hatch (BB red patterned with green legs.. ).
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