Mr. Naughty knocked over my 4 year old!

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    Jul 18, 2008
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    This was pretty funny.... Mr. Naughty is our 1/2 bantam black rooster. (we just call him Mr.Naughty because he would NEVER stay cooped up) Anyways, Mr. Naughty & his flock of naughty hens roam our 5 acres. We love it! They even hop up the back steps at feeding time and me and my kids sit outside and feed them. Well, just the other day I sent my 4 year old little girl out to feed Mr. Naughty. She ran at him holding the food and BAM! He like flew at her! Then BAM, he did it again! I yelled for daddy to grab her and he did! Mr. Naughty is 8 months old with no spurs so it was just scary and not painful. It made me think of a video you see on tv with animals and of those funny video shows! It would be funnier if it was someone elses kid though! [​IMG] So my little girl is already friends with the rooster again. We are just sure that we sit on the steps and throw the food to him now! [​IMG]
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    Jun 10, 2009
    that is when you kick roo odyseus attack one of my sisters....
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    Gosh, I would be so careful if he's showing aggression toward a child this early in his maturity. My hinky meter is in the red already...

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