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My sweet kitty, the one that was choked within an inch of his life, the one that evacuated his bowels for weeks afterwards, is suddenly fat. He is neutered and he now looks pregnant.

My question is this: Is this ok? LOL!!! I know it is GREAT that he is eating again, and gaining weight back. He now has this Buddah belly going on. Is that ok? I am wondering if something else could be wrong.

I admit to being a worry wart where he is concerned, considering he almost died......
Hey Deb when you palpitate his bellie does it feel doughish or can you feel a hard ballish mass?? Is it just like my fat girl drags her belly or is it really firm?
If its not hard-Im not worried - my cat she has a flubby belly squishable-not distinct spots that outline something growing like a tumor.. My 1 cat goes through spells where she's thin all Summer and FAT in Winter-she's an indoor cat so Its certainly not from exercising!!! your yakkers is probably going through a growth spurt?

Just went to add then saw Clover Leaf said it-never mind
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No he looks like he swallowed a small football. NOW he is having normal bowel movements. He wasn't for a while and the vet said to just ride it out because nothing showed up in labs. It just seems like he went from lethargic and skinny as a rail to soft and fat again overnight.

Sara said he went from a glue stick to a marshmallow overnight (he is white).
Even if he's acting normal, that doesn't seem right. I'd ask for an abdominal ultrasound, just to be on the safe side. It may be something completely unrelated to his brush with death. And you may find that there really is nothing going on, but at least then you would know for sure, but a literal overnight change that is that drastic is something to be concerned about.
Also, it's EXTREMELY rare, but we did have a cat come into our clinic with gastric torsion, commonly known as "bloat". It's almost always deep chested dogs, but we did surgery on a cat for it a month or so ago. If he's acting perfectly normal otherwise, that's most likely NOT it, BUT if he's eating alot all of a sudden, it could be... Any non-productive retching??

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