Mrs. Woodfin's Adventures in Chicken Raising

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    Mar 19, 2016
    One of my fondest childhood memories was during elementary school. A teacher had several eggs in an incubator and was teaching us about chickens before and after school. Everyone was wanting to hold the cute yellow, fluffy chicks but my eye went to the chocolate pile of love in the corner. I decided to name it Hershey.

    I was in love! I went to school early, stayed a bit too late causing me to almost miss the bus a few times, but I loved the responsibility of caring for that life. I would hate to wake Hershey from naps on my lap. The time came for the chicks to go to homes and I was so sad that my parents could not allow my sweet friend to come home with me. Luckily my good friend Becky could, but a few weeks later we heard Hershey's first crow and knew our time with him was over.

    After living vicariously through others on Facebook and Pinterest for the better part of a year, I decided to take the plung. I bought a coop and 6 Bantam hens. I wanted my daughters to have that chance to learn and work the way I did. Sadly two chicks passed and my girls learned the circle of life affects all. Then the remaining chicks ended up being roosters. We are on our second attempt and pray each day that our three pullets are not Roos, but what I love most is the bonding and growth of our family.

    The girls are more excited to help with chores, love being outside more, and are planning more gardening for our mini-homestead. I have suffered from depression in silence for a long time. In fact this is the first public declaration of it. These chickens have gotten me up and out of the house and have relieved much of my depression. I know it is strange to say, but these little feather babies have helped bond my family and brought happiness back into my life through the happiness they bring my children. Even my husband who hated them at first has helped improve my coop and is helping design my run.

    I look forward to the adventures to come.

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