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    Thought about this post most of the night.....(sorry have not mastered the quote thing yet)

    She sounds like a good flock leader. I'd leave her long as she is not consistently picking on and bringing blood on any single bird, I'd just let nature happen. This is what a bossy ol' flock leader hen does. The other birds will learn to stay out of her way or suffer the consequences. As soon as they learn to let her have first dibs at the feed, etc., it will all calm down.

    I got up today determined to let nature work. I opened up her crate, when the others ran out to the run. Ms Pissy realized her crate door was open. Now she has been in a crate before she started laying, and, she looked real nervous, but hoped right up in a nest box, and laid me an egg. Came out , and I walked away because I thought of this one alot too...

    Try not to watch....

    LOL so I am keeping myself busy away from them, and will just have to see the other hens get beat up a bit. Things will change unless and/or untill I see blood.

    So.........thank you all for your kindness, knowledge, and patience for a new chicken owner......​
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    Everyone still being civil?

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