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Nov 18, 2010
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I think after hearing the my new chicks that hatched on 2/25, Ms Fuzzy has decided to go broody. I actually wanterd her(or somebody) to go broody because I have 41 eggs set to hatch and ordered 25 from a hatchery(Welp) for 3/16. I went to get her egg yesterday, and she puffed up, growled, and started pecking me!! I checked for an egg earlier today and I had to use a stick to lift her up. She does have 2 golf balls to sit on.
Here's a pic of her in her litter bucket nest



Now I just gotta make sure nobody else decides to go broody, I only have 5 hens.
Gave her a few more golf balls tonite. After she saw I had 'eggs', she wasn't AS mad.
I dropped them at the edge and she quickly pushed them under her. If she stays broody til my eggs hatch(and chicks shipped) she could have as many as 66 chicks! Probly won't be that many though, 12 of the eggs are store bought 'fertile eggs'.
I candled tonite (Day 5) and could see veins in all but the store eggs, but they are dark brown, so its hard to see inside the dark ones.
wow- she'd be one busy momma!
I noticed your sig- I'm in pastry school too! How fun! What is your program like? When do you graduate? What are your plans? Have I killed you with questions yet???
I don't know what breed she is, she came from an Amish auction (in Maryland) with a rooster (Sr.FuzzyBottom)

I started in Aug 08, and I am temp. not in school becuase I have to have a 3 month 40-week (paid) externship, and I havent been able to find one yet.
I will grad after that. I went/go to Keiser U in Tallahassee, FL. I had lots of fun and learned alot.

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