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Nov 11, 2012
Boonville Mo
Hello everyone:) I have heard good things about this site and about the helpfull people on it ! I am in FFA and for my SAE I raise chickens. I am currently into silkies:) We have 8 currently. Two adult splash silkies, three I guess what you could call toddlers one a partriage but the other two I am unsure of the color and three babies one a little splash a partriaage and one a black.

The folks over in "What breed or gender is this?" may be able to help you out with figuring out what color you have.
Check out the Silkie groups...they can help you decide on a color name. I had one that was told by breeder that it was a "weird colored partridge" (gave her to my son because he didn't like how they turned out). The other folks there said that she looked like a "creamcicle" (not an official color but I liked the color name).

You aren't too far from me.

Lots of Missouri chit-chat happens on facebook


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