Mt Healthy dun good


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Jun 5, 2009
Htuos Lartnec Anatnom
Got a call at 06:19 this morning from the post office, they had a box of chicks for me.

I ordered 75 Barred Rock pullets back in mid January, with a hatch date of 3/7. Mt Healthy called me last week asking to change the date to 3/10, because there is no air-mail out of Cincinnati on Sundays. No problem here... So the new hatch date was set to 3/10.

All birds arrived alive, and looking good. The bad news is, I learned this morning that my camera is ka-put, so no pics....

I was really surprised that they arrived so fast.

Thanks Mt Healthy!!!


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Mar 3, 2009
Awesome I love hearing all these happy shipping stories.. Sadly Ideal changed my hatch date a full week early and only snet me an email.. But all but one of mine made it fine... Congrats on the babies...

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