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Heya all -

Well, I FINALLY free ranged my egg layers. I moved them to the new coop - which has no chicken run (yet), so I had to let them have some time outside. After two weeks cooped up in the new coop, I let them out yesterday. They loved it and ran all over the place, dutifully going inside last evening to roost by themselves.

Everyone laid their eggs in the new coop this morning - even after being let out, and this afternoon there is a storm brewing - not sure if it'll hit us or not. Lots of thunder and dark north of us, but no rain I can see yet (we need rain SO bad).

So, I figured I'd better get them inside in case it hits when I'm not home and hubby aint watching.

I am so glad I taught them what "Shoo Chick" means when I had them in the larger coop and run!!! It was invaluable

I just went down there (chased the extra roos out of their coop, the guineas followed, I think they were hosting a party in there
and they ALL actually ran out of the coop. So I just said "shoo chick" and the ones who actually live in the coop went back in, no problem.

I'll be experimenting with free ranging some of the others later on - many of them are new, and I want to make sure they know this is HOME first.

Peace -
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sounds like yo'ure having fun. they will always come home to HOME. i have one that's taken to running up and down the fence line and into the field. she's figured out where my front door is and will fly over the fence to come squawk to get me to come outside and feed. lol. bad girl. but then when i go and toss food out the back window, she comes and flies back over fence and eats with the rest.

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