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    Oct 6, 2013
    Hi guys I'm a first time chicken keeper iv had my chickens for a week now they are in a coop with a run attached the chickens ate and scratched away all the grass so now they are just on soil iv been raking up their poo everyday but they seem to be getting really mucky feet like a muddy mass getting stuck to them. Should I put straw in the run as well? Will this stop them getting mucky feet? I'm just worried if carrying round that mass on their feet will cause them problems, they don't seem to like it as every now and then they try to peck it off I've been pulling it off them myself at the moment. I can't keep moving the run around to fresh grass as we've made a skirt around it and pegged it down. When the chickens get more used to me I will be letting them free range with supervision but for now they are still skittish so I am worried they won't come back to me if I let them out! Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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    Aug 7, 2013
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    Sand would work. Straw tend to get wet and soggy and add to the mess. I leave my run - soil and put sand in my coop which ends up cleaning off their feet as they walk around the coop. Are you could do sand in the run itself.

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