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    Woohoo! It’s finally published!

    “Mucky Cluckers – Tales from the hen run” e-book is available from Amazon at . It's available on Kindle (If you don’t own a Kindle, you can get free Kindle Reading Apps for your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry or Android phone at

    A humorous look at chicken keeping and what they don’t tell you in the “How to” books.

    From the hen who hates laying eggs, to the cockerel who would like to, this is a hen run full of quirky personalities. You’ll meet the village gossip, a foodie and a grumpy old tart. Then there’s Mad Irene, whose antics are counterbalanced by a bantam with a fondness for deep thinking.

    There’s the adventurous and the timid, the fights and the friendships. And like all good comedians, the chickens throw in a bit of pathos too. But that is sandwiched between some dreadful table manners and some truly eccentric behaviour – even for chickens!
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    Sounds really cute! [​IMG]
  3. Kaeta44

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    Thankyou. It seems to be getting a very good reception from people who've bought it.

    My chickens are totally nuts, so they gave me lots of things to write about.
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    May 11, 2010
  5. Kaeta44

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    Thankyou very much. I've had so many comments from people who say they've laughed a lot when reading it. That's good to know, because my chickens have made me laugh, so I just wrote up the silly things they've done.
  6. Kaeta44

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    Very excited to report that "Mucky Cluckers - tales from the hen run" is No. 1 in the UK Amazon rankings for it's category, but sadly only at No. 50 in the American charts. Take a look at to see what you're missing.
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    Jun 4, 2010
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    That's great to hear that it is doing so well. I just finished reading your book yesterday and loved it [​IMG] As soon as I was finished, my mom started on it.

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