Mucus in mouth-Tylan 50--Should I treat all?

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    Good Morning Friends!

    I've had an ongoing respiratory thing going around in my coop (sneezing, mucus flinging, eyes sealed shut). After treating with a broad spectrum antibiotic in the water and fogging with Oxine (neither of which worked), I thought I finally got rid of it with a round of Denegard.

    Everyone got better except for one chicken who continued to occasionally sneeze and another chicken whose sealed shut eye took forever to get unglued.

    Finally, when the sealed eye started to open, and the sneezes seemed to subside, one of my pullets started sneezing and shaking mucus all over the place.

    I immediately removed the pullet from the coop and started nebulizing her with Oxine. The next day, while nebulizing her, when she opened her mouth I could see that it was filled with mucus, AND another pullet's eye is sealed shut.

    I decided to get some Tylan 50 injectable. I will give the Tylan 50 to:

    • the sick pullet with mucus
    • the pullet with the sealed eye
    • the hen who never completely stopped sneezing, and
    • I think to the hen whose eye took forever to unseal.

    MY QUESTION IS THIS: I have a total of 16 chickens (chicks, pullets, and hens). Should I treat them all and just kill this thing? Should I just treat all the hens and the sick pullets? Should I give everyone just one dosage and give the symptomatic birds the full 3-day treatment? Are there dangers to giving a one-day treatment of Tylan 50 to non-symptomatic birds?

    What would you do?


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    Since you're dealing with a respiratory disease, you'll "never kill this thing." You'll be treating your birds for the rest of their lives. Stress brings out the worst of the symptoms, whatever disease it a cause for stress in itself. You can treat the ones that are currently showing symptoms. Then if others show symptoms down the road, treat them as necessary. This will be an ongoing problem for you.
    What would I do? Cull, disinfect everything, start over in a few months.
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    I have always treated my birds. I don't always have someone sick either. They all get over it eventually. I would give them water with 3cc of tylan 50 injectable added to 1 gallon to everyone for minimum of 5 days if not 10 days. I would go around to each sick chicken feel her crop if she is eating. If empty I would either give them bread moistened with milk and raw egg bite towards back of throat careful not to choke her till she is full. If real weak give few bites let get stronger from food then give some more. I would consider getting tube to tube feed them also
    [​IMG]I get this through KV Vet supply online or Valley Vet online. I give them ensure plus, baby formula, milk with raw egg mixed in just something with nutrition because they don't eat or drink when real sick. You take the tube push it in their mouth gently not force it and slide it down their throat and you can feel it go down their neck and feel it in their crop.. Big hen 60cc med hen 40cc small one 10cc dehydration kills quickly with temp and lots of mucus.
    I also give them injections. 1cc of peniciliin and 1/2cc of tylan 50 mixed together in syringe. Mix it back and forth with little air in end so can mix well. Push on syringe plunger till air is all out before give injection it isn't good inject air. I give it under skin on breast.
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    You can get tylan 50 from tractor store and penicillin and syringes maybe even lamb saver tube. Ensure is at grocery store or walmart. I mix penicillin and tylan 50 because tylan can be destructive to tissue and works better mixed together. I take wet cloth clean their faces and put triple antibiotic ointment on eyes and around nose making sure not to plug nostrils. I get kind with no pain reliever in it because that pain reliever kills poultry. Terramycin ointment is better in eyes but you may not have it and only difference really with eye meds is sterility and packaging.

    This is bad infection in birds but you can get them well it is alot of work though. Mites spread this. I would check them for mites and it is also spread by contact. One bird touching another or you touching a sick bird then come home to your birds. You could have gone to chicken sale walked in sick bird germs and walked in your house gave it to them.
    Poultry dust or seven powder for mites, adams flea spray helps too. I take 1/4 strength chlorox water in sprayer and spray on roosts and top of nests I clean waterers with it too or use comet on them. I scrub the feeders too. I do that after antibiotics initiated and after antibiotics completed. I isolate real sick birds from not so sick birds in smaller area they eat and drink better and everyone doesn't beat them up.

    A real sick chick will get hypothermia and not do well. I wrap them in towel and put them in box in between tube feedings alot of times in house till I get them stronger. If it is real cold where you are hang them heat lamp down to stand by will help
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    good luck I will check back and gladly help you. Let me know if you need any more help and how they are doing.

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