Muddy paw syndrome


11 Years
May 9, 2008
Central Iowa
Was just dreading taking my dogs out one last time for the night. It is cold and muddy out and there will be lost of little footy prints all over the house. To top it off two of the dogs got baths tonight because when they came in they had mud going all the way up their legs. It's like washing your car right before a rain storm.

Maybe I can litter train them...
Yeah yeah - I know we've talked about it, but I'm in a piss poor mood and didn't want to take their nice clean WHITE paws out. I took them out on leashes instead and made sure they stayed in the semi-grassy areas. That helped.

The chickens have destroyed the grass in the fenced area, thus all the mud. Now they (chickens) are bored with that area and have started flying over the fence and working on other parts of my yard and the neighbors.

Hubby is going to build me a run in the next few weeks.
Well, I have it even worse. Just let my dog in, and WHAT does he have all over him? blecht! Cow poop.

Problem was he didnt even roll in it. Neighbors cows that adjoin ours keep getting out and coming into our yard to graze. Well Bandit LOVES to roll in the snow and of course it snowed today and we have cow poop ALL OVER the yard, I mean ALL OVER. yecht.

I closed my bedroom door, poor guy usually sleeps in my bathroom cuz its cooler, but he always jumps in my bed first to love me up first. So not going that route.

I do sympathize, pb, I really do with the muddy paws, but I cant even pet my boy and he wants his lovin.
I am not up to wrestling him in the tub at 3 in the morning. Besides he has never had one before, so that will would be totally fun. (long story but he went from outside dog to inside dog, and we dont have enuff water pressure in the house to wash him. Hard enuff to take a shower! But something is gonna have to be done..good thing he is a Pyr and they are pretty well self washing....
hahhahahaha my 3 would kill me if I put boots on them! Mine get locked in our entry way with a kid gate until they are dry... especially this spring, we just put new carpet down last weekend!

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