Mulberry Tree berries safe for chickens?


13 Years
May 29, 2010
We have one of these trees in our side yard and the branches go over the coop and run. The tree drops lots of berries overnight and the chickens go nutty gathering them up in the morning. I'm just wondering if they can eat the berries or not?
Nope, nothing wrong with chickens eating mulberries. Sounds like a great treat to me.
We have 2 mulberry trees in the backyard and 1 in the front. We have all kinds of migrating birds feast on them every year. This is our second year with chickens and we built the run right under 1 of the trees. Our chickens loved the berries last year and the trees bore fruit most of the summer. This year, our older birds free range and sometimes eat them but at other times turn up their beaks at them. The youngsters in the run, however, go nutty over those berries!
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Our trees are loaded with berries! There is plenty for everyone! The wild birds seem to eat mostly the ones at the top of the trees and we use the ones from the middle to the bottom. I love sitting in the yard in the AM watching all the birds enjoying the berries. We have had lots of Cedar Waxwings and Western Tanagers this spring.
Between the mulberries and our Queen Anne cherries, my fingers and fingernails are stained a lovely shade of brown! But, my chooks are happy so it is worth it!
We also have wild strawberries, like most in Virginia, I'm sure in several other states too. I pick them for the chickens. Since mine no longer free range all day, maybe 1x a week...nice for them to have treats.

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