Multi colored chicken-Pollitos de Multiples colores CUTE CHICK VIDEO!

The problem with that is that people buy them as a novelty, then realize they have to take care of them. These dyed chicks usually wind up dead because people don't know they need heat, special food, etc. And the poop, ALOT. I would rather they didn't dye them and sold them to people who know and want chickens.
They really are colorful I would want to know how to dye them but I would not want to sell them for the same reason debi explained.
I know. It's just terrible. It's really sad, actually.

I would think that the dyed chicks would be messed up and weak after the dye. How do they do that?
This is the reason why you can't buy fewer than 6 chicks in my county. We have to
* find people on craiglist to share orders (which is how I met coffeelady3)!
* go to another county
* order online

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