Multiple black breeds:when/how to ID chicks- Minorca, WFBS, Sumatra...


9 Years
May 31, 2010
I have black minorca and white faced black spanish. When/how can I tell them apart? (There were langshan too, but I got those sussed out by the leg feathers :) )

I also have black rosecomb and black sumatra in the mix, can those be told apart yet?

I have photos of all of them at 4 days of age, and they are now around 1 week of age. Should I post the pics or is it too early?
Those Minorcas and WFBS may be very tricky to tell apart, though the Spanish chicks seem to have very much more white on their faces than the Minorcas--sometimes even on the top of their heads. The Minorcas may have less, but not necessarily.

The Rosecomb and the Sumatras are easy--Rosecombs have rose combs, which are ovallish with a spike in the back, and Sumatras have pea combs, which are flat with two neat little rows of bumps and no spike. And if the Sumatras are standard, they will also be much bigger. Soon.

But pics are always fun!
When will the combs become obvious.... or am I just terribly inexperienced in identifying combs on very young chicks?

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