Mum and chick back with others.

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  1. Beryl

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    My silkie cross hen hatched out a chick 4 weeks ago.
    I am wondering the best plan to re introduce them back into the run and house where they will live.
    The run is approx 20 feet x 20 feet with a house attached measuring 6feet x 6 feet.Currently in the run is 2 docile chickens and 2 ducks.
    The mother used to live in here so knows the chickens well.
    I realise that mum and chick will have to go together as I can not leave chick on its own.
    The run that mother and baby are in is about 6 feet x 6 feet with a house attached.
    Sorry for all the figures but want to give you an idea oF sizes.
    Thanks for any advice.
  2. damselfish

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    Mar 8, 2008
    Southwest Missouri
    I'd probably be inclined to just put them back in and keep an eye out to see what happens. If it doesn't work, be prepared to screen off a bit of the big pen so they can all look at each other for a while before they get together.

    If the mom is still protective toward the chick & she has a good flock rank, she may be able to keep the others from picking on him/her.

    Good luck! A lot just depends on their personalities.
  3. Beryl

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    Thank You. At the moment mum and chick have the wire between them and the ones they are going in with. I deliberately put them next to each other so they can get used to it. Chick still sleeps under mums wing at night so was not sure if a bit too early yet ? What do you think ?

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