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Aug 23, 2020
Hi everyone
I need some advice. I had 3 broody hens in the last weeks. One of them has 5 weeks old chicks and they have now joined the flock. I chose to wait until they were 4 weeks old and big enough to run away but still under mums protection.
The other 2 hens have chicks almost 3 weeks old. I think one of the hens is ready to join the others with her chicks. She is so mean and i know she will protect her babies with her life.

I am a bit concerned of how the 2 mums will go together? As they often fight through the mesh i use to separate them and how will this affect their chicks.

My other hens peck on the chicks a bit but only enough to scare them away. And my rooster feeds the chicks. It is so beautiful to watch. They all have a dirt bath together sometimes.

Has anyone had more than 1 mum with chicks at the same time? And what was your experience?
Thanks so much
I haven't had more than one broody hatch at the same time. With what you described about the mom with the 3 week old chicks, I personally would wait so that she doesn't feel stressed especially if her attention is on the other mom and other chickens come near her chicks while she is distracted. I would be worried about the stress but I have no experience with this at all!
Hopefully someone can share their experience with more than 1 broody at a time.

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