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    Jan 20, 2018
    Did i accidentally kill my chicken by following the Vets instructions, please see the attached photo's and tell me if dosage is wrong. Took this poor bird to vet for extreme diarrhea and this is what we were given treat her. Needless to say 5 days after we began treatment she died a horrible death by drowning in her own fluids while my girlfriend held her. Her lung filled with fluid and just the act of picking her up killed her. As if that wasn't bad enough it was even girlfriends birthday to boot. Any help or advise is appreciated, it is to late for Little Geri but maybe this will help someone else. 20190723_072234.jpg 20190723_072234.jpg 20190723_072255.jpg 20190723_072255.jpg 20190723_072234.jpg

    Additional info
    The medication is Tylosin 100g
    When at vets office we were given syringes without needles to administer medicine orally and told to mix with just enough liquid to dissolve all solids.
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    I understand how upsetting this is to have a chicken die right in your arms like this, and it's natural to want to know why it had to happen and if there was something that could have been done differently.

    There's no easy answer without a necropsy. I would ask the vet about getting the body of this chicken to a lab for tests. The short quick answer is that the Tylosin likely did not cause the death.

    I can only guess, but from how you describe the fluids overwhelming the chicken at the end, sour crop could have been a mitigating factor here. It's a condition that often accompanies acute illness. Whether or not proper crop treatment for yeast infection could have prevented this death is simply not knowable. Ask your vet about a necropsy.
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    Tube feeding is much safer as you can put it into their crop.
    Sorry for your loss :hugs
    I don’t think there is anyone to blame in this scenario. There is always a risk of getting the liquid into their lungs when using a syringe.
    Here’s a good video demonstrating how to properly syringe feed a chicken.
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    Jan 20, 2018
    First off, thank you all for the kind words. I am not looking to blame or justice for Little Geri. Just asking the question of, Did we actively poison her by giving the wrong dosage? Geri died last September, I just happen to be going through my chicken first aid kit and found the rest of her antibiotic we didn't use. After googling for dosage amounts it appears that amount would be a toxic amount for a 5 lb. bird if not a 100 pound dog. Other than the diarrhea she was relativity healthy before the vet, eating voraciously and drinking. In hind sight should have just kept giving probiotics and left it be. Again just looking for answer on dosage of Tylosin for a 5 lb. bird.

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