Murphys law with shipped eggs...

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    Mar 8, 2008
    First off, never,ever say "I did well with shipped eggs last year" [​IMG] Ive shipped and bought shipped eggs for about 10 years now..Last year was good for shipped eggs..Got my first batch of shipped eggs last week of this year..Recieved early and packed very well so I had high hopes..Well I guess I spoke too soon, day 5 candle and not a single egg developed [​IMG] Let them rest for 24 hours,didnt turn on the turner for another 24 hours. you know the routine with shipped eggs..Set alongside about 70 other eggs and they are all developing(our eggs)..Air sacs were obliterated in about half of them so id say they were used to play kickball with..Though Im still somewhat surprised as Ive never had a batch with no eggs developing before..Something really bad must have went down during transit..
    Its sucks but that's just part of it..A lot of us have no choice but to ship eggs but you have to be willing to accept the risk, absorb the loss and try again [​IMG]
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