Murray McMurray Hatchary Disease AE ( Avian Encephalomyelitis )

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    May 14, 2007
    sorry I haven't been on in a while, but was wondering has anybody found out if MM has got rid of the EA disease they had that
    for the last 2 years I called them a few days ago and ask them did they take care of it and all they said was they had a small problem this last March with AE but took care of it.
    they didn't say nothing about having it all last year also witch I'm going to repost at the bottom of this one to show you what I went thru with them, but anyway does anybody know if they really got rid of it, is they a poltry health inspector to contact to see
    becuase MM isn't saying anything and after all the searches online and horrier storys people are having for the last 2 years I don't know if I won't to order anymore from them.
    A update on my flock since March of 2007, out of the 125 TopHats they sent me only 7 survived to adult hood but they still have AE there chicks die within a week of hatching the 50 or so out of 300 they are doing ok but only about 30% of there chicks live more then 1 week or 2.
    But on a good note all the chicks I got last year and this year from Ideal Poltry are doing great just got a batch or Silkie's 2 months ago and there the sweetest things.
    had a break-out of Pox that effected all my birds from MM's & Ideal's but they all made it thru I think they got it from all the muscitoes we have here in Florida.
    well someone please let me know if MM's has really took care of there AE I really would like to have a good batch of Top Hats [​IMG].

    here's a copy of my post on here from last year [​IMG]((((

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    » Please Help! Lost over 300 chicks in 2 months

    thanks for replies
    MurryMcMurry Hatchery in Iowa is were I'm getting the chicks.
    I didn't want to bad mouth them becuase they been trying to help I guess.
    pluss I never had this proplem with them in the past when I lived in Florida, I just moved up here in S.C. in January out in the country and thought it would be nice to have a new flock.
    out of the first order I recieved in March I saved 35 out of 100, second order or first replacement they were all dead at the P.O 3rd order or second replacement all dead at P.O. 4rth order 3rd replacement 12 dead out of 125 at P.O, I saved about 30, 5th order 4th replacement I recieved last week out of 75 I got about 30 left trying to make it, there barely eating got alot of diaria, and butts pasting up, and not alot of energy, the chicks that with them I got from Ideal Poltry out of Texas are going strong and you got to chase them to catch them and there all in the same brooder althowe the other night one of them did have a stroke or something it could only lay on its side and spin or flip all over trying to get on its feet, if you try to hold it up right it's legs would stick striat down like it was trying to tiptoe and you would have to force it to sit them it would go to flipping again and lay on it side with it foot twiching back and forth real fast and its head and eyes were acting as if it was stoned, I had one of the chicks from the first order do that and it grew out of it a little every day now it in the back yard running around with the rest of the survivers.
    I called McMurry yesterday and told them about the chicks and they gave me a credit,
    since I'm haveing good luck with the ducks and gooses I told them not to send anymore chicks, but to send me a order of runner ducks to o with the one I got 4 weeks ago,
    plus I never seen a runner duck.
    anybody know why the chicks i got a few week ago isn't getting there feathers and the out growing there down? only about 4 chicks there feathers start coming in then fall off, and there getting pretty naked.
    plus is there a breed of chick with web feet?
    I got one, out of this last batch.

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    I got 53 chicks from McM last June and they all lived except one whose feathers curled up and she stopped eating at weeks old and anothe the next night that I think got suffocated. I had requested for vaccination before shipping. I'm nt sure what they were vaccinated for but they did veery well.
  3. spook

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    I have another article here re: the CRD, MS, MG are not tested at one hatchery in Iowa, they do not have clean eggs to begin with. Soooo, Who knows about them (MM) but I'm pretty sad to hear of the conditions the birds we are recieving, innocently contaminating your property and birds.
    *step off my soap box now*
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    Feb 27, 2008
    Russia, NY
    From what I read, McMurray had a breeder with a well infected with AE. The problem was corrected by the middle of March and I haven't heard anything since. The end of March I received 27 healthy chicks.
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    Oct 28, 2008
    Punta Gorda, FL
    Wow, is that just in ducks (is that what Top Hats are?).

    I ordered 25 chicks (received 27) from MM this summer and they all lived. They were various chicken breeds. One didn't know how to eat right off the bat, became weak, and we had to hand feed. She was fine and quite hungry after figuring out the feeder and waterer. Then a few weeks later we had one other go off (same breed). I nursed her with antibiotics from the vet. They are both fine now. All other chicks were strong and healthy.
    We ordered the vax's too, but I don't believe that disease was mentioned.

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    May 14, 2007
    no the Top Hat's are chickens, check out McMurrays web page and take a look.
    good to know they maybe have took care of it I was getting another order together for this Feb.
    you would not believe all I went thru last year with them it took from Feb. 23 to middle of May to try and get a few that would survive just to get a small flock that I got.
    At the same time I ordered there Barnyard combo of geese turkeys and ducks they said they come from a diferent breeder and they all did just great, if I knew how to add a picture I would show them when I finally released them in the back yard playing in the big pool I got for them I'll try at the end of this letter.

    but anyway I knew it was something to do with (MM) chicks the one's I got from the feed store were doing great so I asked the feed store were he got them and he said Ideal Poltry, he said he tried (MM) before and will never order from them again.
    So while I was waiting on the 1st replacement from (MM) I ordered a combo from Ideal and I still got every one to this day there just great birds the Combo Silkie's I just got from Ideal are the cutest things there about 8 week's old now and are getting there big fluffy tails and fluffy hats, upset me that I only got 1 blue and 1 partrige silkie but beautiful birds anyway.
    I'm sad I can't get the TopHats chicks to last more then a week before they die, I know there mom's are passing down AE to them
    I try everything right out of the batur.
    the one that are mix breed TopHat White Cochin Bantie from Ideal Poltry seem to be amune to the desease, one got a funny habbit thowe I call her spinner if she thinks something is coming after her she spins several times before she takes off she did it from a chick till today [​IMG] by the way a black TopHat and a white Cochin make a blue Top-Cochin lol [​IMG].
    oh well I guess I'll give (MM) anouther try on TopHats does anybody have any comments on mixing them in with my TopHat with AE ???
    thanks for the replies.........
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    Aug 2, 2008
    Quote:My 87 from MM were all great. They were from Spetember/October. All healthy and happy [​IMG]
    Webbed foot chicken, really??
  8. LouManChu

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    May 14, 2007
    yeah she was a black rock that came in the last batch MM sent me 5-07 she came in a combo of deferent breeds, I guy came by a cupple months ago and bought a bunch and had to have her.
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    Nov 22, 2007
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    I dont think McMurray carries black rocks.

  10. LouManChu

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    May 14, 2007
    it just poped in my head while I was writing, lol she was a Black Australorps.

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