Muscovies and chickens living together in harmony!


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My Muscovies (9 weeks old) and my chickens (13 weeks old ), live in the hen house all togerther with no problems so far, except for a little chicken nippin when there's food involved. What I'd like to know is, if they all seem to get along together now, will that be the case when everyone starts to get older and the girls all start laying. Can muscovies and chicken all live in the same house? Do they use a nesting box like a chicken, and can you eat there eggs too?
I can't answer your question, but that's great news. Not long ago, someone started some kind of thread saying that Muscovies and chickens didn't mix. I have only seen that they get along fine.
Mine have always done wonderfully together
(i have had all my birds for yearsss) I think it's the mellow personality of the Muscovy, they are just really accepting of new situations and new birds. I have had spats when I add new ducks but never new chickens. mine free range together and get penned together at night.

I have had problems with geese though. thankfully this year I raised my geese with the babies and they've been great.
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Everything will be fine unless a muscovy drake becomes angered. As a kid we had a mellow muscovy drake who was attacked by a RIR rooster. Went on for a period of time until the drake finally killed the rooster and then started attacking every chicken on the farm. He didn't initiate the trouble, but he sure ran with it.
My chickens and ducks are together :) I have 18 muscovey and about the same number of chickens (all though some are going to meet their fate here soon!)

I have never had an issue with having both together - not even during feeding.
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In my big pen I have 2 turkeys,25 muscovies,5 geese and maybe 40-50 chickens. Its a huge area. The geeses are the only aggressive ones and a mamma hen at times but they all do get along well.

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