Muscovies and Welsh Harlequins (purebred) in Michigan


9 Years
Jun 28, 2010
I have lots of muscovies of many ages available - from just a few weeks to fully feathered 12-14 week olds. Blues, blacks, chocolates, whites, color crested whites etc. Mostly duclair pied in pattern, which I like because they can be pretty colors while still having white breast feathers for a clean looking carcass when butchered. I have two or three more hens on nests, too - some of those could possibly be barreds!

Young 'scovy ducklings 4.00 each. Older ducklings up to 10.00, with prices varying inbetween.

I also have 6 Welsh Harlequin DRAKES for sale. There are some pretty nicely marked ones. They are out of gold phase hens and sired by silver drakes, and ALL ducklings this year were silvers but will carry gold phase.

Located in Brooklyn, MI. I do NOT ship.

MANY pictures (but not pictures of all of them) can be seen on the 'for sale' page of my website:
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