muscovies bonding with people, raised by mom for 6 weeks

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  1. We just picked up 2 females 2 days ago and they are louder than we have ever heard them be. I understand they won't be happy for a bit cause they miss her but when will this stop? Or should I bring them back and get some that haven't been raised by mom, we are keeping them as pets and the occasional egg. Thnx
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    When ducklings are raised by mom they don't have the same human contact as those you would order or pick up at a feed store at less than a week old, it's a scary thing to have Very large people caring for you not having any idea what they intend to do especially since they are high on the food chain as good things to eat. lol . give them time, just spend time daily with them sitting quietly with them letting them know you are not wanting to eat them. something good to eat may even warm them up quicker, Mine love Dried meal worms and also I have 3 ducklings Muscovy that were hatched and raised by mama duck and they are now 8 weeks old and she has left them since they were 5 weeks old so now they spend time with me in the evening when I am cleaning up we look for earth worms which they love to do, things like this will bring them around it just takes time and patience, they won't ever crawl into your laps but they will eventually enjoy your company. Pets can mean different things to different people, my dogs are my pets and love to get into laps, my ducks are my pets too but are not too happy with me if I want to hold them,. [​IMG]
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  3. Thnx for the info, they have been around people since the day they were born. They have seen us a couple times a week since then, so were not complete strangers. They are just acting a lot different, I guess safety in numbers! We only took 2 and there was 13. We'll just give them more time, just being impatient. We grow fresh veggies too and so far the swiss chard seems to be the trick.
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    Good for you, they will settle in that's a big change going from such a large family to just being 2. I think your on the right track with the fresh veggies.

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