Muscovies -- "great hunters?"

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by PatS, Feb 14, 2013.

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    I just read a short recommendation on another forum for the Muscovy duck. It claimed they would kill and eat mice and rats. True?

    While rodents have never made their way into our chicken coop (which rivals Fort Knox), our outdoor rabbit barn has attracted mice and a small variety of rat that has recently popped up in our valley. I went out to check on a littler of kits one freezing cold night and found a small, kit-sized rat curled up in the nest box with them! They have also taken up residence in the storage shed. (Food is protected, but I guess the shelter is irresistible.)

    The rats only occasionally are tricked into setting of snappy traps, and since we free-range our chickens, we won't put out poison. We have talked about getting a couple of cats, but not all cats are mousers. Would a few Muscovies take care of a small rodent population? Will they play nicely sharing a 2-acre spread with a dozen or two chickens? How aggressive are the males? I don't want to worry about scaring the UPS lady! She was not too happy with the Tom Turkeys we had one year. One of them had a crush on her. =)

    We have a 10 x 10 magnum kennel (tarped roof and sides during rainy weather) would this do as an enclosure for nights and rare days away? What kind of roosts are appropriate for this breed?

    Thanks for any information you can share.
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    My Scovies will go after mice but i don't think they would take on a full size rat. I have 3 Drakes and have never had one of them be aggressive towards anyone, They are actually more mellow than the ducks except to each other. lol I have chickens/ geese and Scovies and they all get along with plenty of space to keep out of each others way, they don't sleep together. A 10x10 kennel would be okay for a small number of Scovies maybe a drakes and 3 ducks but they will need some kind of housing which can be locked up at night because their are a variety of preds that love to dine on duck. Scovies are roosting ducks in the wild but Mine have never roosted. they sleep in deep pine shavings inside their house. if you decided to do roosts them I would use 2X4 so they have good footing for those wide feet. I love my Scovies they are great for pest control and they are very funny to. I can't say enough, and another bonus is the eggs which the ducks give. Good luck on your decision and let us know when and if you get them.with pics. [​IMG]
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    I don't think there on the level with a cat or a rat terrier lol They are pretty no nonsense as i have said a few times here mine went after this poor cute bunny because it dared to hop in the area near them.

    As ML said they need good predator proof housing, otherwise they'll be on somebodies menu. Mine do roost, we have a shelf in the barn, i find girls on it every morning sometimes, the drakes will but generally they don't have the agility.

    I also have roosts(big boards set on cindar blocks) outside so they can get up off the snow, i have a couple ducks who like to fly over to the kids old playground(huge redwood rainbow playground brand, so quite tall)

    Forgot, to add they are well documented for fly control, a University in my province conducted one of them.
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