Muscovies: identifying barring vs lacing in youngsters


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Mar 19, 2021
Hi all,

Our first babies are getting really big. One of them is clearly barred (see pics) - many of the others look more softly barred but I wonder if it would be properly called lacing or rippling instead. I find it neat that I got the patterns I wanted so early into my muscovy journey, but more importantly if I ever sell them I want to represent them properly. do I accurately describe my birds, lol? Colors help too, especially on the cream colored ones. And although I asked a few weeks ago and was given the sensible answer of "patience!", I still have few ideas about sexes on these. Thanks in advance.

The definitely barred baby, who really needs to be a female, please and thanks :love:

Barring is pretty hard to capture on the lighter birds. Darn albedo :)
cream and chocolate barred.JPG

Gosh, I LOVE the...barring? ticking? lacing? on the chests of these two. If only I knew what to call it, ha ha.
blue and black barred.JPG

An attempt at capturing what I think might be barring on this li'l cream puff.
cream barred.JPG

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