Muscovies NOT eating flies!


Jun 19, 2017
I've been stalking BYC for months and finally added an account because I need help that I can't find here yet. My ducks are not eating flies.

I have 4 Muscovy ducks that are 8 weeks old today. I adore them. I adore their 4 distinct personalities. We got them when they were about 4 days old, raised them under a heat lamp for about 4 weeks and then moved them out to this incredible duck hut my dad built.
We are in Oregon. I am incredibly sensitive to bug bites of any kind, and they come from miles for my tasty flesh. I was very attracted to all I read about Muscovy hunting flies and mosquitoes.
When they were in the garage, I did notice them hunting a fly or two that came in, tracking flight with their eyes and heads. As Mama Duck, I have taught them well how to hunt down slugs and worms and they are quite good at checking the ground.

These suckers don't seem to give a hoot about flies. I'm going bananas. I don't know how to mama duck them to fly hunting. Their hut has flies all over in it, particularly in the warmth of day. We wash the patio down from duck poop daily, but before that is done the flies are hovering all around. While they nap. Below the swarms of flies.
I have reduced their feed to encourage more foraging and hunting. I feed them at night and they are really excited, there is a small amount left over in the morning and it's all gone by noon. Am I too late to get their instincts for flies to kick in? My husband wonders if I've taught them too well about worms and they are busy looking down and not up.
Any suggestions?

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