Muscovies or Anconas


9 Years
Sep 11, 2010
I am torn between two different types of ducks. Anconas and Muscovies. I love the look of the Anconas and the fact that each pattern is different. Also that they are a heritage breed and in need of preservation. I also really want some muscovies, because I have heard they are wonderful to eat, and also because of their excellent abilities as broodies and the fact that they do not quack. So I am asking you all for your opinions. Tell which breed you have and why you like them. I do live in town, but I have a 2 acre lot and very cool neighbors so I don't think noise will be a problem. The only thing that turns me off on scovies is the new law that makes them for meat or egg consumption only. Not sure if I want to jump through so many hoops if/when I decide to sell ducklings and adult ducks. Look forward to everyone's comments.
well, we have anconas. we love them. they vary so much in pattern, and you never really know what youre going to get! its exciting.
they are friendly and lay well. they dont fly away, and thats always nice if youre keeping them in a large open fenced area. i like em, so do my kids, but ive never owned muscovies, so i cant say either way for those.
I'd get both.

From what it looks like, there won't be many hoops to jump through with the revisions to the law. I have to thoroughly go over them and comment on them, but from what I read they did not seem so bad.

The reason I say get both is because I have the Welsh Harlequins for eggs (or, I will after they start laying next spring.
) I plan on keeping the welsh harlequin drake separate from the rest of the ducks unless I want hatching eggs from the Welsh Harlequins - in which case I'll pen the hens with the drakes. Otherwise, I plan on letting the muscovies free range with the welsh harlequin and muscovy hens. I THINK I'll be able to tell the eggs apart, as muscovy eggs tend to look green with their waxy coating, and when I got the welsh harlequin hatching eggs they were less waxy and white. If I accidentally get mules, they'll go as meat anyways.

You could plan on doing something similar with yours. I think with an adequate pen I could happily house my welsh harlequin drakes together, and then just put hens with them when I want hatching eggs. I'd then wait two weeks and begin to collect eggs. I'm sure I'll get ample numbers to hatch. I may even be able to stick 'em under a broody 'scovy hen.

I honestly could never trade my muscovies for anything. I like the welsh harlequins more as a rare breed, but they're nowhere near as calm and friendly as my 'scovies. They tend to stay away and are just offish in general. They are pretty, but noisy.

Anconas are on my 'interest list' as well, though.... maybe someday.
Thanks for your input everyone. I have wanted to get both just not sure about it yet. DW is ok with my hobby so far she has a few hens that she calls "hers", maybe I will just get both and not tell her.
She doesn't go out and look at the birds that often and all I would have to do is show her the babies and she would be ok with it!
for me i have both separated.i love the muscovies they don't make much noise.but then my ancona they make noise lots of noise.but i love the different color patterns i get from the would be really hard for me to have to choose between the two.flip a coin maybe

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