Muscovy Adult Trios and pairs SQ and BQ Also small Khaki flock +Quail!

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    May 4, 2008
    I have a 7 hen and 3 drake adult muscovy ducks that are pick up only and will be going to the sale on friday or saturday nearby. All maybe picked up at my home or at the swaps in poplar bluff or west plains MO.
    $15 on hens (they are still laying) all just a year old. $10 on drakes.
    1 trio of blue pied (one hen is a blue fawn pied ripple!)
    1 trio of solid chocolate (PM for hen pics)
    1 pair Lavender drake/ silver barred pied hen
    2 extra chocolate pied hens.

    I also have a small flock of 3 hens 1 drake khaki campbell currently laying that I am also taking to the sale friday/saturday I am asking $40 for the flock or $10 each
    they've produced a ton of babies for me and lay sometimes up to 5 eggs a day with there only being 3 hens! I am just cutting back so I can travel more nothing wrong with these birds.

    I have three pairs of button quail in uncommon colors also and they are laying - $5 each
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    Beautiful!! Wish I lived in MO right now [​IMG]
    (well, other times too it's so pretty out there [​IMG] )

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