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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by KellyandKatie, Jun 25, 2008.

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    Aug 29, 2007
    Kitsap County, WA
    I have two muscovies that I LOVE. One drake, and one hen. I adore them- we have had them for one year, and they were young adults when we got them, so they are just under two years old.
    I also have a four year old and a two year old ( my children) who share the same yard with them. The kids hate the ducks. The ducks do chase them, and the drake does bite them when he chases them- so I do not like that so much
    One person told me that the drake aggression was due to the breeding season, and it did get worse a bit ago, then better- but today he was just a mean old duck to the kids
    The kids are begging me to get rid of him
    He is as sweet as can be to me, and I really do not want to get rid of him, but I also want the kids to be able to enjoy their yard without watching their backs for the drake
    WIll he get worse with age, or is it a phase with breeding? Seasonal? What can I do to make him nice again to the kids? I got after him when he went after the kids, and I have talked to the kids about facing him and stretching their arms out pointing at him and stepping to him( and that does work) BUT when he sneaks up behind them- the kids panic and run, and then he really goes after them
    At anyrate- I want to keep him, but the kids are begging me to get rid of him
    I will not make a duck live alone with the chickens, so I would have to get rid of the pair ... or maybe trade him for a her -- but he has the personality of the pair that I do appreciate... when he is not attacking my kids that is
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    Before I had my kids I had a pair of female muscoveys. They were never around kids but they gave my beagle a run for her money. She had been barking at them and I came outside to find them with her pinned down pecking the poo out of her. She never barked at them again, and for that matter, didn't come anywhere near them.[​IMG]

    Right now we have a african goose that doesn't really get along with our 3 year old son. He is scared to death of her. Usually she leaves him alone, till he gets too close, notices her, and then starts running away. The chase then ensues. I hear, "Goosie eat me!!!" and have to come running to "rescue" him.

    What we have started doing is keeping Goosie cooped up while Max is out playing, then we let her out to get her fill of grass while he's taking a nap. Sometimes we'll let them both out if DH and I are both out and able to act as referee.

    I know that Goosie is much worse while broody and/or laying, so maybe once the breeding season has come to a close things will improve.

    Hope this helps, at least a little.

  3. im not shure if the aggression is seasional or what [​IMG] If you could get your kids to stop running away from the duck and actually take a few quick steps toward him when it looks like he will attack, it would help alot.....That is, IF you could even suggest doing something that scary to small children.
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    Aug 29, 2007
    Kitsap County, WA
    Oh yeah, we have two dogs of our own and do dog rescue, and the ducks are quick to put our dogs right into their place - and food- watch out, the ducks totally rule the food of the yard
    I think the idea of fencing off an area is my best bet
    I wonder how tall a fence they would need?
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    Dec 1, 2007
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    If you clip there wings you won't need a very high one.

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