Muscovy and geese

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by jdywntr, Sep 30, 2012.

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    I just went outside to check on the birds even though its raining. I noticed that some of the geese were in the horses water trough. When I got to the edge of the pasture and looked over the fence I saw that one of my African geese was in there and so was one of my muscovy hens. As I got there, the duck was pushed under. I grabbed the goose by some feathers and tossed it out of the trough and the duck quickly got out and waddled off to the others. I checked on her and she didn't look distressed or waterlogged. It looked like the goose was attempting to mate but it was only seconds before I threw it out so I don't know if it was mating or dominance behavior. This goose is about 3 months old and is the largest of the geese so I'm thinking male but I don't know for sure.

    Will geese try to mate muscovy and vice versa?
    The geese have been "fighting" recently in the kiddie pool but not badly and its more what ducks do when the hormones start.
    Will I need to seperate the ducks from the geese? They are civil with each other and will hang out but tend to stick to their own.
    Should I try to block off the trough so they can't swim in it but the horses can still drink? If so, how?

    It appears that the ducks were in the trough first, all the females were wet from swimming. I think that the geese may have come up to the ducks in the trough and everyone was able to get out.
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    My Embden gander has mated with my Muscovies for 5 yrs. I use to worry about him being so big but they have always been fine. I'd keep an eye on things and then decide if you want it to continue. It will make for non fertile eggs if they mate though. If your looking to hatch ducklings next spring. The problem I ran into was he was mating with 5 of my girls and when they would go to brood they had non fertile and fertile eggs under them because of the goose/duck mating, And theres no way of knowing which ones until they have sat for a while, out of 8 eggs under my one duck 4 were not fertile.
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    Thanks Miss Lydia. I think come spring, I will deal with it. I already need to decide what I will do with my 2 breeds of chickens come spring. Maybe either the ducks or the geese will be moved to the other chicken coop. Then I can have 2 seperate flocks, 1 ducks and chickens, 1 geese and chickens.
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    ducks and chickens together is a no no, the drakes try mate the hens and can kill them (roosters have no sex organs)

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