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Jul 26, 2009
Chenango Forks NY
I am getting some blue muscovy ducks from a breeder in my area. I already have a small flock of 4 (1boy3girls) black and white pied muscovys.

I was wondering if I get all girl blues and they breed with my pied black and white male if I will get any blue babies? Or am I better off getting a blue male when I pick up my girls?

If I did get a blue male that would bring the muscovy count up to 5 girls and 2 boys. Is that to many boys? The male that I have now is a mature drake. The one that I would potentially get is a younger male not yet mature. Does that make a difference as far as them getting along goes? Should I just keep them seperate?

SO my choices are 1) get 3 blue muscovy females and let them breed to the pied male. 2) Get a breeding trio of the blue scovies one male two females.
Black Drake/ Blue Hens:

50% black ducklings
50% blue ducklings

Blue Drake/ Blue Hens:

50% black ducklings
25% blue ducklings
25% silver ducklings

Getting a blue boy just depends on what colors you want from them. My boys do fine together, but you should just watch them if you do get another boy, or you could keep them seperate?

I have 12 muscovy hen total & my 1 boy still gets a little harsh with my older hen...she gets the occassional bald spot.

ETA: if the drake is pied & the hens are solid, you might still get a lot of Pied ducklings.
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