Muscovy broken/dragging wing...advice?

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    Jan 11, 2012
    Folks, I have a Muscovy hen that was attacked while sitting on her nest. She lost all her eggs and her wing was injured. She's dragging it now and has secluded herself from all the others. I finally caught her and have her on my back porch with some water and food. How should I set the wing? Does anyone have any experience with this? She's dragging her left wing on the ground. Usually every 10 or 15 seconds she tries to pull it back up to the normal "on her back" position but it drops right back down to the ground.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Vet wrap works great because it sticks to itself, wrap in normal position where she would carry it, but being careful not to wrap to tight where circulation maybe cut off. Did you check for open wounds? you'll need to clean and treat them first. Keeping her in a warm quiet spot will help. if you have some vitamins to add to her water will also help support healing. If she does have an open wound keep a close eye on it in case you need to give her antibiotics for infection,. Hope she heals up and is good as new quickly.
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