Muscovy drake or ducklings? I wanted all females, possibly 2 males?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by lesander, Aug 1, 2013.

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    Hey everyone I know this comes up a lot and is hard to judge by pictures but if anyone can help my out as I only wanted females, the white one is almost a week older than the chocolate pied and black pied. And came from completely different surroundings/living situation. The darker ones have really grown a lot in the week we have had them, so we are not sure if they were just under feed or are actually drakes.[​IMG][/IMG][/IMG]
  2. lesander

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    One of the 7 week old
  3. lesander

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    It's too hard to tell from your pictures.
    Look at the legs and the necks on them and compare them to each other. If thick and if they look big, then they are most likely males. If small, and thin then females.

    Since the white one is older, it may be harder to compare them as the males get noticably larger. But since that one is older it may remain larger for a while until the others catch up, even if they are all the same gender.

    If you wait a few more weeks you should be able to tell for sure as they will change a lot in that time.

    You say you only wanted females, did someone vent sex them for you? Or did you just pick out ducklings in hopes that they were females?
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    May 8, 2011
    i think the 2 darker ones are drakes, the white one is female. photos are hard though!
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    The place we got the darker ones had no experience with ducks, it was their first tome hatching eggstoo so no vent sexing, my husband tried after watching a video but didn't seem like a good idea not knowing exactly what were doing. We picked the 2 smallest from the 13 ducklings with the smallest legs at 6 weeks hoping they were girls. The white one we got from a farm and the lady had about 50 scovies and she could just tell she was a female, not vent sexed either. She seemed to know what she was talking about so took her word. They all have the same size beaks. I have a feeling the 2 darker ones were very under fed when we got them so they are growing really quick now too.....I love em already and have so much personality, but 2 drakes and 1 duck doesn't work :(
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    Today we went to the place where we got the 2 darker ones we were not too sure if they were ducks or drakes. They still had 4 and 3 were close to ours and 1 was a monster, he had tree trunks for legs! Was much larger and could certainly see a size difference with ours so maybe ours are girls afterall! Or just really small drakes. Thnx for your help everyone. :)
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    Keep us updated as they grow.
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    So far so good still thinking that they are girls! We have finally named them now too that we think they are girls, we named the white one clover, the black one jet and the brown one topaz. It has sure been fun watching them grow, we now let them out of their fenced in side of the yard, the meeting with the dogs and cat went very good! And they love digging holes, and their favorite is when we fill up a big divot in the yard for them with water:)[​IMG]

  10. Miss Lydia

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    What a great pic, looks like Clover is really getting into the whole head in the mud thing. They are very pretty and congrats on 3 girls!!! Jet looks like one of my ducks from this year.

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