Muscovy Drake with Calls ducks?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by scooter1989, Jan 30, 2014.

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    Jan 10, 2013
    I have 9 call-ducks of 4 drakes and 5 hens that are housed with 4 Muscovy hens in a 10 by 20 feet pen. I have never had any trouble with the flock fighting or anything, mostly once in awhile the Muscovy would softly push away one of the calls or each others, if they are all going for the same food just like any other ducks would do. They all are very nice ducks and they love people. I let them out to free ranges alot in the summer and they have a nice lake to go to in my backyard lol I have spoiled ducks, I don't even clips their wings. I notice my ducks will fly over the lake every time they are set out and they always come back and land on the lake in front of my back door.

    Now what my question is, if I introduce a Drake Muscovy to the flock, will there be trouble? I really want to breed my Muscovys and I would love to see the girls walking around the yard with their offspring. My ducks are my loving hobby and I think it'll be nice to sell ducklings in the spring to anybody, not for the money but for the fun of having them. All my Muscovy hens are a different color, One is black Laced, one is Chocolate Ripple, one is all white with a black grown and The oldest one is a pied of blue, brown and white. :)
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    Jun 10, 2013
    i have mallards and muscovy together i added a drake not to long ago just they will pick at him for a little while that is all that happen for me any ways i dont think it will hurt
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    If your current muscovys get along with the calls, there shouldn't be too big of a problem if you introduce the male. Especially since you let yours free range, the calls will have room and space to avoid the Male if he is mean at first. I would keep an eye on the male muscovy for the first couple of days to ensure that everything is fine.
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    Jan 10, 2013
    I did hear that Muscovy drake fight hard with each other but i never herd anyone telling me a story about a Muscovy drake fighting with another breed. My call ducks and Muscovy hens all cuddle together in the coop at night just fine and comfy. In fact two days ago i was watching my duck after their bath in sleds, that one of my Snowie Call hen was preening my white Muscovy hen feathers. I was so surprised to see such a bond in the two, it was neat to see.

    Here is a video of them bathing :)
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    Being raised together will change the dynamics.. i have some buffs who were raised as ducklings with what has turned out to be two scovie drakes, so i have seen how differing breeds can create a bond based upon this type of start.

    Adding a drake will change things all over the place... the entire flock will re arrange.

    Whether a drake will go after a smaller drake, well of coarse.. a drake is a drake.. sizing has nothing to do with it, drakes are known to kill ducklings too, does any of this mean it ALWAYS happens? of coarse not but still something that has to be considered.

    Competition amongst males is high.. and frankly, my call drake has no clue he is the size of a pound cake. I don't mix my scovies and my calls.. that said you have raised these together, again making for a different base than i have.

    I would ensure you have a back up plan and you watch extremely closely, generally i am no advocate of mixing extreme sizing of birds.. ie; banties with large fowl.. things can just go wrong, not always intended but sizing differences make for a situation of more harm than a comparable sizing.

    FWIW i keep a VERY drake heavy scovie flock, so i am extremely versed on what they are capable of, mine for the most part get on but i am pushing the limits here and must continually rely on my knowledge of my flock and each individual to keep this flowing.
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