Muscovy drake with GREEN prolapsed penis - help!

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by melissap, Jul 25, 2013.

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    My huge drake has has about 5 inches of what I assume is prolapsed penis hanging out for 4 days. From what I've read I need to cut it off but it's not black, it's light greenish grey. Is that dead tissue? He's acting mellow but otherwise ok. If I cut it off, will he still be able to fertilize eggs?
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    First off i am no expert. I haven't even delt with a prolapse but i have read on here where people push the penis back inside the drake. If its not dead. I not sure but i dont think its dead yet.(not sure why green may be dying or infected)But i would reseach on here more before you cut it off or wait for a more experenced person to answer. Not sure about him been able to breed after this. Good luck!!
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    this is very serious

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    Re: Drake penis trouble

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    When drakes tread the penis comes fully out (I was amazed the first time I saw this with Bumble). Within about 30 seconds of the deed being done it should have retracted back in. If it is out for longer than this he may have suffered a phallus prolapse and you need to treat him quickly.

    Seperate him from the others and put him in a clean dry coop. Examine his penis and check it is clean and if not clean it with just warm water very gently. You are going to need to try to push the penis back inside of his body. It is likely though that it will just pop back out and if this happens and after an hour with 3 attempts it is still not going back in he needs to go to the vets where they may need to operate, but are likely to start with an ab treatment and to try to see if the prolapse will self remedy.

    A drake can live happily without a penis but can die if it is not treated from infection and further prolapse. It is possible to perform the op yourself, but unless you are very confident about your skills I would not recommend this. It is likely that he already has infection and he will need ab's in any event. If you want PM me and I can talk you through it a bit more, but time is of the essence and I'm so sorry I didnt pick this up earlier to help you x
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    since your already seeing greenish grey makes me think infection is setting in, he needs to see a vet. also get some Veterycin spray most feed stores have it or TSC it is for infections and wounds and can be sprayed on so no need to handle infected tissue. I gave you this link so you can see what you need to do, and I would not cut this off myself unless I had knowledge of what exactly I am to do.
    more info
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