muscovy drakes for sale


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14 Years
Jul 13, 2008
Braymer Missouri
I have muscovy drakes for sale. I am in braymer Missouri. They will have to be picked up. They were all hatched early this year. I would like to keep a few of them as breeders but they are to closely related to my females. We have 2 very nice dark ripple drakes. We have 2 black with a beautiful green and purple sheen. A lot of blue , both dark and light. We have one odd grey muscovy with a weird dark grey mark on every feather. We have one that is light brown with blue mixed in. I have never seen one quite like him. I would like $10 a peice as that is what I have got at the auction. I may consider a trade. Tell me what you have. They are all going to the auction this saturday.

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