Muscovy duck egg question.....


12 Years
Mar 4, 2007
I have my 8 scovy eggs in the incubator. Set them thursday today would be the 4th day of incubation. When I candle them all I see is what I believe to be the yolk in the veins as of yet. I know I didn't fry the eggs because the temp has been around 99 for most of the incuabtion....humidity day though the incubator did get to 102 for a breif period when the humidity dropped...But I don't think that would have done it.
Is it too early to tell yet on scovy eggs or should I be seeing something.
I just wish these eggs would develope I'm having a Pi$$ poor quail hatch today..with one chick chick deformed...and only one more egg showing signs of hatching. Today is just not my day.
Thats what I was wondering.....I have looked it up and regular duck eggs show veins by day 5.....but I wasn't sure if muscovy eggs would or not....I really hope they will hatch.
You should be fine about the 102 tempeture spike, mother muscovies set all the time and I am sure my hen went to 102.

I would think that you really wouldnt see much at day 4, try again around day 8 or so and then you should really see something.

And sorry about your quail hatch
my Buff Orp hatch has been like that today also, but just humidity problems.
Thanks guys! Yes I have been told to wait until the week+ mark to candle scovy eggs for sure. I was going to say I must have bad luck because I would almost bet all these eggs would have to be fertile from what I hear about scovys.
Thanks again all!
I am going to reply to this post and a hundred just like it..

You people candle way too early and then complain because you don't see any progress..
wait until day 10 at least..
First off I wasn't complaining about it....second off...I would really like to know what you mean by "you people" you TOO were a novice at one some respect. I have been keeping poultry for half my life....just never had ducks.
Thanks everyone else for the advice!

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