Muscovy duck in love with geese


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Nov 6, 2012
Hi I recently bought two 14 week old goslings. We have four ducks but our Muscovy has always been on her own and doesn't want anything to do with our other ducks. Since we got the goslings she follows them round all day. Im wondering if we will have problems later on once the geese reach sexual maturity or will the Muscovy be fine. If anyone has any advise would be much appreciated.
I had a Muscovy drake that was in love with my geese. It seemed to work out fine. It sounds like she's more interested in companionship. Has she always been a outcast from the duck flock?
Yeah she has always been the outcast she doesn't like the ducks and the ducks don't like her. I wasn't sure if there will be problems later on if the geese are mating or sitting on eggs. They are all happy at the moment but wondered if I wld be better off getting another Muscovy for her for company. :D
I personally would get another Muscovy. My Muscovy always seemed to ignore the other Mallard derived breeds as well.
I have a Pekin duck who was raised with four African geese and to this day she thinks she is a Cayuga drake has been trying to counsel her on her species identity confusion but she just blows him off...the geese have accepted her since forever as a member of their clique...I don't think your Muscovy and goslings will have a problem in the future...

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