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  1. my male muscovy duck and one of my male peacocks got into a fight today...twice!

    feet/claws first then pulling on the peacocks feathers...only stopped because I pulled the
    muscovy off my peacock and he flew onto the top of the barn. the muscovy strutted around
    the yard like he was the winner...

    an hour or so later they went at it again...claws first the pulling and grabbing the peacocks
    feathers and running...had to separate them for them to stop....

    any ideas? egos? top dog status or what?? any ideas at all??

    (I posted this in the ducks section as well)
  2. clinton9

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    Jul 2, 2011
    Eat your muscovy drake for dinner as there are more muscovy ducks than peafowls on our planet.

    Muscovy drake is much stronger bird than peacock and if drake get hold of peacock's thin neck near head, drake will kill the peacock, by bite the neck & hold on.

    Muscovy ducks are tastier than peafowls.

    When muscovy drakes fighting, they hold other each's necks and use both feet and wings, to claw the body, with claws and to punch with wing butts.

    Muscovy ducks are much less intelligent than peafowls, peacock will learn to handle fighting with ducks, without get hurted, by jump up & clawing the heads of ducks.

    Choice: Peacock will always wins.
  3. I had said yesterday that 'Cuddles' the muscovy can 'go' as the peacock 'Blu' was staying
    if I had to decide between the two.... hope they get along today or may have to get rid
    of Cuddles now before it get worse or Blu get hurt [​IMG]

    Thanks for your replys...wish I knew why this took place between them [​IMG]
  4. zazouse

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    Southeast texas
    only time i seen peas fight with other kinds of birds here is when they tried to attack them first, like my mscovey duck and a hen had babies and jumped on one of my peas for just walking by.then the entire flock of Peas harrassed them for days often seperating them from their babies.

    I have one old male mscovey that fights with one of my roosters cause he thinks he is a duck not a rooster, that rooster put one of the ducks eyes out but it don't stop the duck he still fights with that roo.
  5. birds...hmmmm...getting hard to understand them!

    put the muscovy and a buddy in a large pen for most of yesterday and last night....
    the peacock would just walk around the pen as if to rub it in that he was not penned up...
    this morning the buddy with the muscovy flew out so Cuddles, the muscovy figured he too could fly out..
    after several tries he made the peacock comes into the pen after the muscovy is out...
    the muscovy has gone to the pond for a good swim and reconnect with the other muscovies....
    so....the peacock walks all around the pond, back and forth for quite a while....

    they act as if nothing happened the day before but I am keeping my eye on Cuddles....
    don't want my peacock hurt...we have 9 peacocks but want each of them to live long happy lifes!!

    really don't understand them....
  6. animalloverabh

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    Hmmm... Maybe you could keep your scovie in a seperate area too your peas? I mean if it happens again, you could try putting a roof on the pen. The peacock will have spurs that he could dig into the scovie, but the scovies beak gives a hard bite. Sorry I cant help much, my peas and scovies have not had this problem before...
  7. thanks! may have to do that...

    the scovy had been grabbing the pea by his wing feathers....

    it appears to be a "game" with them....scovy will come up from the
    pond, get a bite to eat, and if he sees the pea, its like he has to get to the pea...
    a straight beeline...but didn't always grab hold but goes close....
    whereas the pea is just as bad...he also seems to stalk the scovy...

    its crazy....the above is what has happened today... ????? crazy birds...
    its like it is a love hate relationship???? [​IMG]
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    You should try and video them.
  9. sourland

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    It's a terriorial/dominance relationship. As a kid I had a RIR rooster and muscovey drake that would fight periodically. One day while I was away the muscovey drake killed the RIR rooster and several hens. Muscovies are strong tenacious fighters. If not kept separate, I am guessing that eventually the muscovey will kill the peacock.
  10. clinton9

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    Jul 2, 2011
    I don't think muscovy drake will kill a peacock as peacock is too big and too clever.

    Also peacock will attack the duck if duck kept bite the peacock.

    If were me, I'd kill a muscovy drake for food.

    Also spurs and claws can cut the duck's eyes and cause bloody cuts to muscovy drake's soft red facial skin, making the duck to look very ugly. Older muscovy drakes have very ugly faces after years of fighting.
    Muscovy drakes have lifespan of 7-8 years while peacocks have lifespan of 20-25 years.
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