Muscovy duckling colors?

Mary Of Exeter

10 Years
Apr 10, 2009
Rowan County, NC
Does anyone have reference pictures so I can tell what colors my ducklings will be?
They just hatched today!
With all the stuff that's been going on, I just now remembered this thread when I was looking at the ducklings today! I will try to get pictures tomorrow
Looks like most of them will be pied. I think I will have blues, blacks, and then I have two different shades of brown (guessing chocolate and its dilute? Do they call those khaki in muscovies too?).
I looked that color up and I think that is what one of the momma's are
She has so much white on her that there's only so many feathers to go by. But she has brownish-bluish feathers so I think the blue-fawn is right! The other momma is a blue pied for sure - not as much white so easier to tell, LOL. They hatched out their babies within a week of each other so right now they are "sharing" the load. The ducklings follow whoever is closest, unless they get into a squabble and one takes them all. They also adopted 9 mallard ducklings that hatched out a week before the first batch of scobies. So I have ducklings up to my ears!
The hawks have taken care of a lot of babies. They stray off and get picked up
So I'm keeping them locked up for a while. I still have 16 scovies and 5 mallards though.

Here's some pictures

And a video!

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