Muscovy duckling won't keep head up

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  1. Day old Muscovy duckling can't seem to keep its head up. It is the last egg left in nest from momma.. Others hatched and momma got off nest to care for them, leaving two unhatched eggs... One died during hatch and then this ones neck is 'off'.. As if it can't lift head, no cant keep head up. Any ideas? First I thought wry neck but that doesn't fit ..

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    Could have nerve damage or the muscles didnt develope as they should have, then again it could be something that i havent heard of before.
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    @Miss Lydia has talked about making a donut out of a rolled up washcloth to support the little one.

    Ducklings can have vitamin deficiencies that cause that kind of thing, especially B vitamin deficiencies, so I would put a B complex vitamin in water, using the B3 amount as a guide to how much water - aim for 150 mg B3-niacin per gallon of drinking water (25 mg per quart). Can the little one drink unassisted? Just dipping the bill in a cup of lukewarm B vitamin water might be a good start.

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