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  1. One day (today) I woke up and went down to go on to BYC and i was looking in the ducks when i came across muscovy ducks...I'm hooked!!!!!!!Now i need at least 4 baby ducklings or eggs for less 15 bucks or less!! I want pied and chocolates but post anything else you have PLEASE!!!!!![​IMG] I looked at the breeders map and the only breeder even close to me only has blacl and whites. Hatcherys are way to expensive>
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    Have you been to the forsale, auction here on BYC? might find something on there.
  3. arherp

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    Sep 29, 2009
    I have adult pieds for sale for 15$ each... See my page.
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    Dec 22, 2009
    Have you tried posting a WTB Ad on Craigslist?
  5. well heres the mother does not know yet so what i usually do is raise the money and then present it to her in a calm way. seeing i am responsible she will unwiilingly let me.[​IMG][​IMG]
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  6. Miss Lydia

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    Good plan! keep us posted on how it goes.

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