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Last night I found a listing on Craigslist for muscovy ducks (10 ducks for $40 or 5 for $20). I inquired as to age since they had indicated they were not sure of gender mix except that one older duck included is a male. Here is the response I received just now:

"a few months old, the older male is over a year old. the rest were born early this summer."


1. Pluses/minuses of having the older male along with a mixed batch of young ducklings???
2. What considerations are there for getting young ducks minus their mother at this point?
3. is $4 a duck a good deal?
4. I've got a chicken coop coming but no actual duck housing at the moment. Can the ducks use the coop? What type of "duck pen" should I get/have made?

I want muscovies but don't want to rush into something without thinking and being sure I'm ready...


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Oct 10, 2010
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I wouldn't get the older male as you're sure to get at least a couple in the younger group. $4 is a good price for a day old duckling and even better for an older duck. I guess I would be leery about someone who can't give you a better estimate on their age. Getting ducklings without their mother could prove a lot of work if they aren't feathered yet. They can use a chicken coop. A dog kennel will work fine for a pen. Make sure if you get any adult ducks or ducklings with flight feathers get clipped or kept in a pen with a roof so they don't fly away.


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If they are a few months old they should be feathered out by now and also easily tell the drakes fm the ducks. Just look at the size difference when you go to get them. Muscovy males will be quite a bit larger and generally have big'o feet!
$4.00 is a very good price for Scovy that age. If they are really a few months old then the older drake shouldn't really be a problem, if you want him, unlesshe tries breeding the girls before they are ready. Again, generally that isn't a problem. As far as having a few younger males, HE being older will most likely be the dominate drake until next spring w/the younger males jockeying for 2nd, 3rd postion depending on how many boys you end up with. This also depends on the personality/aggressiveness of the individual Scovy drake. Some are mellower than others & it sounds to me like they've been living together already. Scovies can use your chicken coop but remember they are pretty territorial and will fight and scrap more than mallard type breeds if they feel overcrowed. They like to roost so that helps with floor space though they generally need a larger roosting bar than chickens.


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4 dollars a duck is a FANTASTIC deal I buy and sell my for ten. I agree with dianaross77 to avoid the older male he will have the upper hand if you get a few drakes when they start to mature.

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