Muscovy ducklings colors? (pics)

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  1. Hi! These hatched last week. Parents are blue fawn drake with
    blue fawn, blue, and chocolate ducks (ducklings are from only two of the duck-girls, but not sure *which* two).
    Most are shades of brown with yellow bits --- from almost black brown to very light tan(1-5). Chocolates and blue fawns?
    And this yellow one with a dark tail and faint marking on head/back of neck (6). Barred, right?
    There are two that are solid yellow with no dark marks at all (7,8).
    What color could they be?
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    The one with the colored tail will be a barred, yes. How lucky, they are so cute!

    As for the other two, my guess would be white. I know you said you don't have any white birds, but I'm not sure what other color they could be. I know the lavender version are usually yellowish gray as ducklings, so maybe they are the blue fawn version?

    Please keep this updated. I would love to know once their feathers grow in!
  3. Thanks! These 5 hatched mid-Feb (same pen), but for the life of me I can't find pics or remember what they looked like as ducklings.

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    So is the one on the right of the bottom picture blue fawn? I think I have one shaping up to be that color.
  5. Hi! I think all of the youngsters from Feb hatch are blue fawn. 2 ducks and 3 drakes, right? Maybe the lightest 2 are silver fawn?
    This is my blue fawn drake (a pic from last Oct):
    He's the father of all those ducklings.
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    May 8, 2011
    i love these colours! we dont have them in australia, boooooooooo
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    Hey can I have some help I have two black muscovy ducklings by I don't know what the other two are
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